Praise from past guests

Sakkara Barnwell

I had wonderful experience…

Ayahuasca has, left me reborn. I feel less burdened, more open and more love now than I have felt in years.

thank you so much for the privilege

Antonio Hurtado

It was life charging. I felt things that I’ve never felt before and I will never forget. .

. I know my path, I just need work hard for it. .

I reached the nirvana.

Jason Mac cabe.

.My experience at Etnika’s was truly amazing I am so grateful to the staff and healers for theirs help on my spiritual journey this was truly a blessed experience

Alexis lawrence.

The most important thing for mr was the dep sense of wellbeing and acceptance i felt.

It reminded me what it feels like not to be isolated

Rico Christoffel.

I came here because of recommendation of a friend of mine.

I was no searching for a spirit experience but after the recommendation, I was thinking why not. So I have to say, it was actually a great experience. It was the first time in life that I fasted and as well with a spirit treatment.

For me my visions confirmed the way I’m going and I’m really happy about that, Eva though I saw some visions I can improve myself

It reminded me what it feels like not to be isolated

Hello to all the beautiful people at Etnika’s,

My experience with Etnika’s was excellent…

My friend and I arrived in South America with no plans except to do the Salkantay Trek, which we had already pre-booked before leaving Australia. We were both interested in shamanic healing and thought it would be wonderful to spend some time with the shamans while we were on holidays but we had no idea how to find them. As fate would have it, we were sightseeing in Cuzco one day and stumbled upon Etnika’s Travel”; Shamanic Centre. We went inside and met Angel, who was extremely helpful (and could speak English!). He explained all the different options available and helped us decide which option was best for us and then organised it all to fit in with our trek.

We did a 3 day Ayahuasca Retreat in the Sacred Valley which was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The retreat itself was in a beautiful location and well maintained. The food was delicious (when we weren’t fasting). All of the shamans we spent time with were so friendly and welcoming and gave us very accurate information from our tea leaf readings and Ayahuasca visions. During each of the ceremonies I felt completely safe and very well looked after.