Inca religion today

A background on Inca religion

Wiracocha – Jesus Crist – Pachamama or Mother Nature

The Inca philosophy of today is influenced by several different elements. It is the combination of the ancient South American Inca gods, Wiracocha and Pacha Mama, together with Jesus Christ whose ministry was introduce to South America by the Catholic Church.


In the ancient Inca religion, Wiracocha is the name for the creator and the order of all things. We believe that Wiracocha manifests his creation in the universe through the process of evolution. The essence of Wiracocha is universal love and this essence resides in the consciousness of each of us and is present in all living beings. When we connect with this essence of Love, it manifests in our life as absolute happiness and wellbeing.
The way we connect with Wiracocha is through prayers said with a pure attitude. It is our preference to pray in places where an image of Jesus Christ is present. For example, in the sanctuary of the Lord of Ccoyllur rit’i, where there is a picture of Jesus Christ painted on a meteorite, or in the sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca and the Taytacha of Quake, which is a brown Christ in the main cathedral of Cusco.
We believe Wiracocha allows us total freedom of choice in the way our lives manifest. In this regard he does not seek to inflict any form of suffering or vengeance but rather is infinite and eternal love, mercy and compassion. Our destiny is therefore seen as a reflection of our actions as described in the adage ‘you reap what you sow’.  This law of nature reigns throughout the universe and is strict, serious and severe.
To change our destiny of ignorance and suffering to one of happiness and well being, it’s necessary to act. This requires us to change our attitude from negative to positive and allow love and forgiveness to reign in our lives. This positive action may take the form of volunteering (as a way to help people who are suffering) or any other action that your heart may guide you toward.

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We consider Jesus Christ to be the universal king. We believe he brought a new universal order, one that is based on love and forgiveness.


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Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth is the manifestation of God’s love in female form. She is the nursing mother that bred and nourishes us. We show our thankfulness to her through the action of worship in a state of deep love, gratitude, purity and humility. We do not ask for anything as she has already provided us with all that we have. Rather, we give thanks through a ceremony called “Offering to Pacha Mama”. Although this ceremony is dedicated to Pacha Mama, in order to strengthen the ceremony, prayers are directed towards Wiracocha and Jesus Christ.
The ceremony to Pacha Mama is the gateway to universal love. In it we merge our love with prayers to Father God or Wiracocha but in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The offering to Pacha Mama requires three basic ingredients; a coca ceremony that represents union, wine (liquor) which represents communication, spondylus (sea shell) that represents water and life and other ingredients with different symbols.
No candles are used in this ceremony. These are only for Wiracocha and Jesus Christ
The offering to Pacha Mama is not done during Holy week because then Pacha Mama is in mourning for the suffering of Jesus Christ the King.


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Apus are the spirits that have a protective function and reside in peaks, glaciers, mountains and hills. They are of human form and can appear as men, women or children. They need food, drink, intimacy, affection and respect. They can be angry, sad or happy. They are defenders and serve the happiness of all living beings. We call the proactive forces of Apus when we are engaging in the offering to Pacha Mama.
The main Apu in South America is the mountain called Aconcagua, located between Chile and Argentina. In the offering to Pacha Mama, the spirit of Apus is called to give thanks for his protection.  We also call other deities similar to Apus that are related to the sun, moon, stars, animals and plants in order to thank them for their life-sustaining functions.


Lightning is an important symbol in the Inca religion as it symbolizes our awakening to ultimate truth. When a person is struck by lightning, it means they have been chosen to become a priest, that is, to serve and protect all living beings.


This ceremony of thanks creates a trance like state involving the Holy Spirit or Dharma. This state is believed to bring about conditions in the body whereby the healing of different illnesses may occur. The ceremony (offering to Pacha Mama) can be done without entheogen plants, but in order to reach a state of Holy Spirit or trance, a long preparation is required. The Incas investigated medicines such as ayahuasca in order to create a method of accelerating and fortifying the serious nature of the ceremony. The effects of the trance are known to lasts for up to seven days.
NOTE: the seven day after-effects are not in an altered state of consciousness but relate to the cathartic effect of the trance and Holy Spirit contact.


PAQO: First phase of priesthood whereby a person can make offerings to Pacha Mama as well as perform coca leaf and other oracle readings.
PAMPA MISAYOQ: Second phase in becoming a priest, whereby a person can perform an offering to Pacha Mama as well as perform ceremonies that call on connection with the broader universe.
ALTO MISAYOQ: Third phase of priesthood. There are few priests that get to this phase, as it’s at this stage priests have a direct connection with the Apus. They can communicate with them to resolve and intervene in serious matters that may threaten the population.
A priest of love is someone who dedicates his entire existence to the peace and happiness of Pacha Mama and the universe. They are someone who works strongly to help people that are in states of suffering and ignorance.
NOTE: Individuals who work with darker energy are referred to as LAYK’AS (witches).  It is recommended that these people be avoided as they work with both energies, that is, truth and ignorance. The work or energy of the Layk’as is mainly focused on betrayal.


The Inkari Prophecy refers to the era of light and resurgence, whereby the identity and wisdom of the ancient Tahuantinsuyo people (Old Inka Empire) is rediscovered.
NOTE: Spiritual schools of thought from both the East and West identify that we are in a new era whereby we are witnessing the emergence of light, love and wisdom.
In the east this is referred to as The Age of Aquarius. In the west it is known as the Inkari prophecy.
Spiritual schools tend to agree that the spiritual energetic power has changed from East to West and the center of spiritual energy and power now resides predominantly in South American and the Andes mountains. This area is considered to be a feminine energy centre of the earth. It becomes stronger as the reign of the male energetic centre of the earth begins to wane. The Apu of the male energetic centre of the world is called Sagarmantha and is know as Mt Everest.


The most important moment of any religious ceremony, as well as in our daily lives, is prayer. Prayer is a conversation with God whereby we are both speaking and listening in a state of love. This state of prayer is also a form of meditation.
Prayer empowers us to make the right decisions and to take the right actions in our daily lives. It enables us to approach our lives with an attitude of total gratefulness for both the positive and negative elements of our daily lives.
We learn to embrace the negative situations in our lives because it is through this suffering that we find the way to liberation and happiness.


As in other ancient religions, the Inca religion holds sexuality with a high reverence. The knowledge and rituals that were practiced were exclusive to the nobility and priests of the time. Now these customs and knowledge are available to be known and practiced by all mankind.
The inca religion sexuality is considered to be the union of God and Pachamama in other words the union of heaven and earth.
In order to practice a holy sexuality it is important that it is engaged in with love, transparency, an awareness of maintenance of ones sexual energy. For that reason it is suggested that sexual union be engaged in from a religious basis.
For the Inca religion sexuality is considered a form of high quality therapy. If practiced in the correct manner it can bring happiness as well as physical, mental and spiritual well-being. When this union is done correctly it is believed that a couple can enter a trance of holy spirit or dharma.  If practiced incorrectly however, it can bring unhappiness and suffering.
It is important to remember that routine in sexuality can be dangerous as it can harm the relation of love and true transparency.

cutting the ayahuasca to be boiled
cutting the ayahuasca to be boiled
cutting the ayahuasca to be boiled