Discover the energy songs that will be sung throughout your ayahuasca experience

Icaros are songs about the energy of plants, of nature, of the universal force.

Each Icaro contains different energies. They can be sung in Aymara, Shipibo, Ashaninka, Quechua and Spanish languages, however people who choose to learn to sing learn in the Shipibo dialect.

When Shaman sing Icaros during the Ayahuasca ceremony, they open the world of ayahuasca.

With these songs, the effects of the experience can be intensified or reduced depending on how the patient’s journey is progressing.

The ayahuasca shaman cannot see the same vision as the patients as the visions are all different. However, the shaman can see the concerns and woes, and will choose the right icaro to sing to help cleans the body and mind.

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