The inclusive nature of the Inca religion & shamanic practices

Etnikas has been created and founded by a peruvian family with a long family history in peruvian shamanic traditions. After 40 years of studying and  practicing shamanism we rediscover an ancient Inca healing technique with Ayahuasca «dancing with heaven and earth» that has been lost for centuries.  Our Ayahuasca retreats integrating doctors and indigenous shaman from the Andes and Amazon of Peru. Our retreat are authentic and traditional base on the philosophy of the Inca religion. The Peruvian ministry of health has recognised the authenticity and responsibility of our practice.

Our medical health team consisting of a Psychiatrist, Cardiologist, internal medicine, Psychologist, General Practitioner and nurses.

We believe that our way of symbolizing, celebrating and honoring the Spirit embraces all people and transcends all cultural boundaries. As such we welcome people of all faiths and religions, scientists and doctors, atheists and agnostic’s, to our retreat at Etnikas.

The name Etnikas come from the word Ethnic. This refers to the diversity of the ethnic groups in Peru who’s Knowledge and tradition we incorporate in our practice. The name Etnikas also highlights the diversity of our guests who come to our retreat from all walks of life from around the world. The essence of our practice works on a universal law which is equally significant and applicable to all ethnicity.

Ethnic & cultural protection

Etnikas Integrative Medicine was founded to provide a source of protection for Peruvian shaman and their ethnic communities. In the past traditional healers and their communities throughout Peru suffered discrimination and exploitation. There has been a lack of incorporation of ethnic cultural sensitivities as a result of the Spanish colonization which can clearly be seen in the history of the colonization of South America.

Today Etnikas is proud to be part of the movement in bringing ancient Peruvian culture back to a position of pride within its own culture and to be able to utilize the ancient healing knowledge in a way that can contribute to the broader global community. The results that the techniques are yielding are attracting attention and support from pragmatic people from all around the world.

We now work with more than 30 shamans from the Andes and the Amazon. Our masters are paid fairly (the same as a doctor earns in Peru) giving them and their trade the respect they deserve as well as opportunity for their families and communities. When you choose Etnikas you are not only healing yourself but helping to heal a community and culture.

Human Actions ORG

During your retreat you will perform some volunteering with Human Actions ONG. It is through our families shared experiences that we have learned the first steps to opening the healing doors of ones mind, body and spirit is through the act of GIVING. Doing kind acts with love and sincerity make us more healthy. Engaging in healthy acts is the psychological basis for happiness. Modern day neuroscience has confirmed that engaging in kind acts improves ones hormonal, psychological, emotional, and physiological well being. In many cases it has been observed to prolong duration of life, generating vital force through which mental and physical healing is obtained.

The person who undertakes acts of kindness with SINCERITY receive 100% of the benefits to ones health and well being.

People who do not undertake these acts with sincerity receive only a tiny portion.

We engage in responsible and sustainable projects in the Cusco region. We focus on animal rescue, environmental conservation, and social and community development.

We understand the reality, that we are deeply connected with the universe and mother nature, and this is used as our guiding force. We believe that in entering into connection with the spirit, one enters into a connection with love. As the Spirit is Love.

Integrative medicine

The benefits of living a life in harmony with an underlying sense of happiness are becoming more and more recognized by mainstream science. The extensive benefits of the synchronisation of mind, body and spirit are now encouraged and celebrated across a wide range of platforms. We are on a path to work in synergy with science bringing conventional medicine together with ancestral Inca healing techniques with a view to having science explain our techniques in the future. We believe science and religion are not opposites, but can be integrated. That the study and exploration of the infinite dimension of consciousness, and the mind – body states, can be part of a new spiritual and religious impetus, embracing science and technology, and becoming a unifying force.

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