Ayahuasca Retreats

The Retreat Centre

We are located in Taray a beautiful temple set in the high Andean Mountains, one hour drive from the centre of Cusco. The temple is set in a native forest environment and looks out over a small valley with a stream at its base. The environment is serene and relaxing and has a close connection with nature.

Ayahausca Retreat

The Ayahuasca retreat focuses on the healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It provides you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the spiritual nature of the world around us.
The Ayahuasca we use is potent and visionary. We prepare our own Ayahuasca, which is a combination of just two plants, Ayahuasca and Chacruna.
Our small groups of 5 to 14 people allow us to personalize the retreat providing the opportunity for in depth consultation with the healers. Making diagnosis, discussion, interpretation and guidance readily available. Native Andean (Qeros) and Amazonian (Shipibo) Shaman direct the ceremonies, thereby incorporating both shamanic practices from the Peruvian region.
We run one and two day retreats (both with one ayahuasca session), three day retreats (two ayahuasca sessions), and five/seven day retreats (three ayahuasca sessions). The seven day retreat includes two days visiting the sacred grounds of Machu Picchu. The Shaman are accompanied by English speaking assistant(s)/translator(s) for the full duration of all the retreats.
The retreats include accommodation, transport to and from Cusco and a nutritionist-designed diet to complement the ayahuasca experience.

The Ceremonies

The traditional Ayahuasca ceremony is sacred to the Incas and here at Etnikas is performed in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment
The Retreat starts with a purgative detoxification involving volcanic spring water. A coca leaf oracle reading follows. This is for small groups of 5 people or less in which the Shaman diagnoses your present state and helps you to identify what you hope to draw from the Ayahuasca experience. Then a brief ceremony to cleanse and flourish is preformed to allow you to embark on your ayahuasca experience in a state of love and peace.
The dosage of your ayahuasca is determined by a physical, psychological and emotional evaluation that takes place prior to your arrival, and during your stay at Etnikas. The ayahuasca is taken all at once. You are then guided to make yourself comfortable and listen to the shaman in preparation for the medicine to take effect. The shaman will chant iqaros or prayers/mantras throughout the four hours in which the effects of the medicine are in full effect. Tobacco smoke, energetic massage and floral perfumes are used to create protection for the ceremony.
At the conclusion of the Ayahuasca experience a ceremony is performed giving thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth). The intention of this is to provide you with a way to show gratitude for the healing and knowledge that you have received during your experience. It is a powerful ceremony that allows you to think about the direct connection between yourself and Spirit.