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We are located in Taray a beautiful temple set in the high Andean Mountains, two hours drive from Machupicchu and one hour drive from the centre of Cusco. The temple is set in a native forest environment and looks out over a small valley with a stream at its base. The environment is serene and relaxing and has a close connection with nature.

Ayahuasca Retreat

The ayahuasca retreat focuses on the healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It provides you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the spiritual nature of the world around us.
The ayahuasca we use is potent and visionary. We prepare our own ayahuasca, which is a combination of just two plants, ayahuasca and chacruna.
Our small groups of up to 12 people allow us to personalize the retreat providing the opportunity for in depth consultation with the healers, making diagnosis, discussion, interpretation and guidance readily available. This small group setting allows us to maximize the safety and comfort of our guests. Native Andean (Qero) and Amazonian (Shipibo) Shaman direct the ceremonies, thereby incorporating both shamanic practices from the Peruvian region.
Three day retreats (two ayahuasca ceremonies), five/seven day retreats (three ayahuasca ceremonies). The seven day retreat includes two days visiting the sacred grounds of Machu Picchu. And eight day retreat (four ayahuasca ceremonies) and social work. The Shaman are accompanied by English speaking assistant(s)/translator(s) for the full duration of all the retreats.
The retreats include accommodation, transport to and from Cusco and a nutritionist-designed diet to complement the ayahuasca experience.

Ensuring Safety

We use modern medicine in our retreats to ensure your safety. Guests fill out a health form which is reviewed by our doctors, psychologists and nurses. Some guests have specific health requirements and we are able to cater to a wide variety of conditions ensuring our guest’s safety at all times.

There is a doctor available on site 24 hours a day for the duration of the retreat. He gives information about the physical effects of ayahuasca as well as to help with any specific physical complications, and provides peace of mind for our guests.

A nurse experienced in emergency medical care will be also present during the ayahuasca ceremony. The doctor and nurse will conduct a physical medical examination before the ayahuasca ceremony to ensure the guests are able to participate. They ensure that guests are safe throughout the experience and comfortable, At the close of the ceremony, they will conduct a physical check to ensure guests are calm and stable after returning from their journeys before going to bed. They also monitors guests throughout the night to ensure their comfort and well being.

Our psychologist provide information relating to the psychological effects of the ayahuasca prior to the ceremony and are available to answer any questions that guests may have. They also play an important role in helping guests to interpret their experiences on an individual basis together with the shaman. They are available for consultations before and after the ayahuasca ceremonies. The psychologist will make a follow up call to guest’s one/two weeks after the retreat. This is to help in personnel development, encourage growth and ensure that the experience has been assimilated in the best way possible.

The shamanic Inca healing technique “dancing with heaven and earth”.

The traditional ayahuasca ceremony is sacred to the Incas and here at Etnikas is performed in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. After 40 years of studying and practice Peruvians shamanism, we rediscover an ancient Inca healing technique with Ayahuasca “dancing with heaven and earth” that has been lost for centuries. The technique comprehend five synergistic ceremonies.
The Retreat starts with a coca leaf ceremony and prayer. This is to help unify the energy of the group and to engage the forces of the divine. Then a brief ceremony to cleanse and flourish is preformed to allow you to embark on your ayahuasca experience in a state of love and peace.

The dosage of your ayahuasca is determined by a physical, psychological and emotional evaluation that takes place prior to your arrival, and during your stay at Etnikas. The ayahuasca is taken all at once. You are then guided to make yourself comfortable and listen to the shaman in preparation for the medicine to take effect. The shaman will chant icaros or prayers/mantras throughout the four hours in which the effects of the medicine are in full effect. Tobacco smoke, floral perfumes are used to create protection for the ceremony.

At the conclusion of the ayahuasca experience a ceremony is performed giving thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth). The intention of this is to provide you with a way to show gratitude for the healing and knowledge that you have received during your experience. It is a powerful ceremony that allows you to think about the direct connection between yourself and Spirit.

Munay Inca meditation technique

Was created by the founder of etnikas over life time experiences in different Meditations, religions and world disciplines. This meditation is base on the philosophy of the Inca religion.
The focus of the technique is to create a state of universal love and wellbeing.
The meditation is practical and simple and can be used as an Everyday meditation to improve the quality of ones life.

Volunteering with Human Actions ORG

During your retreat you will perform some volunteering activities. It is through our families shared experiences that we have learned the first step to opening the healing doors of ones mind, body and spirit is through the act of GIVING. Doing kind acts with love and sincerity make us more healthy. Engaging in healthy acts is the psychological basis for happiness. Modern day neuroscience has confirmed that engaging in kind acts improves ones hormonal, psychological, emotional, and physiological well being. In many cases it has been observed to prolong duration of life, generating vital force through which mental and physical healing is obtained.

“The person who undertakes acts of kindness with SINCERITY receive 100% of the benefits to ones health and well being.
– People who do not undertake these acts with sincerity receive only a tiny portion”

We understand the reality, that we are deeply connected with the universe and mother nature, and this is used as our guiding force. We believe that in entering into connection with the spirit, one enters into a connection with love. As the Spirit is Love.

The volunteering activities involves working with child that come from the poorest communities in and around Cusco. Many of  children are physically or mentally disadvantaged as well as orphaned. We offer help with simple tasks such as feeding, cleaning and sharing your company. The service lasts for about 1-2 hours.

The other part of the volunteering involves looking after dogs that are in a state of physical and emotional neglect. We offer help to keep the dogs spaces clean and tidy, by grooming the dogs, and feeding them. The service lasts for about 1-2 hours.

The aim of the retreat at Etnikas

The aim of the Religious Inca Shamanic technique is to recognize our true identity as spiritual beings, that our essence is unconditional love which gives us the strength and power to transform any negativity into positive. Our lives often revolve around concerns, emergencies, and barriers that generate a thousand and one thoughts that we prioritize above the recognition of our true essence.

The truth is that we are not our monetary debts, our suffering, or our pain. We are not our successes, we are not even what we look like, or how perceive our existence in this space and time. We are simply, utterly, and totally “Unconditional Love”!

It is a great mistake to think that we are only matter. To think that our physical existence is the sum total of reality and to neglect the spiritual realm considering it imaginary. Because, in reality, we are deeply connected with the universe and mother nature.  This notion is supported by modern physic and string theory which notes a solid vibration field moved by a universal energy.

So how are you meant to know who you are? And how do you get back to your spiritual reality when your mind is constantly separated from your essence?

Our retreat at Etnikas aims to challenge all preconceived ideas of what you believe your reality is. To help you break down the barriers that you have constructed between your physical and spiritual self. To show you that there is a direct path that can lead you to your essence.  And that path is to LOVE!

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