Social responsibility

Find out how we’re making a difference with our community initiatives and projects





Etnikas social responsibility plan

We constantly receiving from Pachamama “Mother Earth” so social responsibility is a great way to give back helping us to balance the energy in our lives for the things that we have received.


* provide volunteering possibilities for Etnikas guest during and after their retreat.

* organize activities for less- advantaged people

* volunteering in places who need assistance, provide help in their daily activities

* to be a connector between social responsibility projects, social enterprises and public institutions.

* to expand Etnikas’ social responsibility, to provide assistance in more projects in the Cusco region

* organize sustainable awareness activities for less- advantaged people

Etnikas social responsibility projects

We volunteer weekly at the following two places:

HOGAR MADRE TERESA CALCUTTA: The Hogar Madre Teresa Calcutta is run by the missionaries de la Caridad, and serves a home for child residents who come from the poorest communities in and around Cusco. Many of whom are physically and mentally disadvantaged as well as orphaned. With this project, we aid in feeding, cleaning, doing laundry etc. The nuns have a heavy workload and our goal is to ease that. And off course to give the children some extra attention, to play with them and put a smile on their faces!
Every Tuesday and Friday in the afternoon from 3 till 5 pm.

SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS GERONTOLOGY: San Francisco de Asis has 9 Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly and operational support staff workers paid by the Public Welfare Society of Cusco, which help with the direct care of the elderly and maintenance of the centre. The centre currently has approximately 180 elders. The centre is divided into 2 areas, one for men and one for woman. The majority of the residents live in the centre because their families live in extreme poverty or are no longer able to care for them. Some elders are in good health while others suffer from acute and chronic conditions. We help them with different tasks in caring for the elderly, but mostly in the direction of physiotherapy and message. The most important thin you can give is your personal attention, and that is our intention.
Every Friday in the morning from 9 till 11 am.

Once a month, on a Saturday we are volunteering with these project:

REMAR: is a group home for children, who have been a part of or witnessed extreme violence, and have consequently been taken from their homes to a safe complex by the government. They live their lives in an enclosed complex.

We take these children out and organize an activity for them with a cultural, social, environmental or sustainable awareness. Our intention is to give them a beautiful day out, with an educational twist and to put a smile on their faces.