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An intense Ayahuasca healing retreat, a life changing experience

Recognized by: Etnikas Ministerio de Salud Peru
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At Etnikas we use a variety of religious techniques. Our methods involve the use of Buddhist principles, Inca religion and Shamanism from different parts of Peru. With over 30 years’ experience studying and serving ayahuasca, we have found a method that focuses on bringing about strong spiritual change allowing you to begin life anew. We work in a compassionate and loving environment in which healing and personal growth are prioritized.

When making an extreme life change authenticity is invaluable. The healers we work with come from families with hereditary traditions of shamanism. The Shipibo shamans we work with are specialists in ayahuasca using centuries old traditions and techniques.

We are grateful and blessed to have them. Recently making contact, are the Q'ero shaman, they are the rare ancestors of the Inkas. They bring a variety of talents performing cleansing ceremonies as well as offerings to the mother earth or Pachamama. Peru has a long standing tradition of shaman and healers, for this reason modern medicine came into the culture later on and has continued to be mixed with natural healing techniques.

Using modern medicine in our retreats ensures your safety. There is a health form every patient must fill out, it is later reviewed by nurses and our doctor. Some clients require extra care and we are open to these needs within the boundaries of safety. We take time and care in reviewing all medical information before your visit to our retreat center. Our retreat is the only centers to have been recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Health for its method in performing safe Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Located in the Sacred Valley, your trip here will be filled with stunning views from within the Andes mountain range. Our center is in Taray a quiet rural community, perfect for meditation, yoga or simply relaxing. Here you will have a break from technology, buzz of the cities and time to reflect, stargaze, and be awed in nature surrounding you.

Focusing on social benefit:Etnikas has become a destination for those wishing to make great strides in changing their lives. Our aim is to create that awareness, to connect and share through taking actions that benefit the community. To create a chain with spiritual, mental, physical, social, environmental and sustainable healing. To be an Integrative Healing Clinic with a social work purpose

Why people say we are the best ayahuasca retreat in Peru

Not only were the problems associated with anxiety, severe depression and physical pains alleviated but my husband and I received profound information enabling us to become the best people we can be...


I guess I saved more than 3 years of psychotherapy. I met an energy unbelievable and undescribed...


I wouldn't describe myself as spiritual or religious. Afterwards I felt light and truly happy...and still 2 months on I still feel exactly the same.


Over the course of three years they added so much medication, I couldn't recognize myself any more. I can describe my experience to you all day, but I will make it simple by saying this: I am healed. I will never forget my retreat with Etnika's. I owe them my life.


I found it astonishing to read through review after review about a center that so consistently changed so many people's lives. How could this be possible in as little as a couple of days? I had to find out for myself. Etnikas provides such a supportive, professional, thorough, safe, heart-filled, sincere environment. I felt like I was with family, was giving me the experience of a lifetime.


It has changed me and my husband’s life completely our marriage is stronger now, and now I feel more confident of .


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Ayahuasca Retreats in Cusco Perú

3 Days - Ayahuasca Retreat

(two Ayahuasca Ceremonies)...

$525.00 USD

5 Days - Ayahuasca Retreats

(three Ayahuasca Ceremonies)...

$875.00 USD

7 days - Ayahuasca Retreat with Machu picchu journey

(three Ayahuasca Ceremonies)...

$1300.00 USD

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